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A new study shows the value of nurses’ time, which is why you should give it a try: The importance of caring for sick people

By MARTIN SCHWARZERBERG / Vice NewsThe nurses’ day of appreciation is a time when you, too, get to show appreciation for the hard work of caring.

But what if it’s not about the work itself, but the people who put their time into your care?

That’s exactly what an American Nurses Association (ANA) study found in a new study that surveyed more than 200 nursing educators, health professionals and parents of nursing students in the United States.

It was the first time nurses have been asked about their nursing teachers’ importance to their patients.

“This study shows that teachers are very important to nurses.

They are also important to their students,” said Nancy E. Bohn, associate vice president for nursing education at the ANA.

“I think that’s a positive.

It shows that nurses are really involved in the education of the students, and teachers are important to those students.”

The study surveyed more 2,500 nursing educators from across the country, asking about their teachers’ contributions to students’ learning and how that has changed over time.

It also looked at how teachers have changed and how their contributions to student learning have changed over the last 30 years.

The Nurses’ Day of Impressions survey showed that teachers were the biggest motivators of students’ achievement.

Almost two-thirds of teachers said that their teachers are a big motivator to students, while just 19 percent said they were the primary motivator.

Teachers also had an impact on student learning.

Ninety percent of teachers felt that their students improved in the course of the study.

The survey also showed that nurses were the most important caregivers in students’ lives.

Almost 70 percent of nurses said that nurses provided the best care for their students, compared to 68 percent of other health professionals.

The survey also found that nurses have a unique relationship with their students.

Almost half of teachers and 75 percent of health professionals felt that nurses could be the most helpful people to their student, compared with just 26 percent of the general population.

Another reason for nurses’ importance was the importance of the nurses’ role in their care.

Nearly 60 percent of nursing educators said that nursing students need support and guidance in order to succeed.

Nearly half of the health professionals surveyed felt that they needed support and encouragement to succeed in their jobs.

And nearly 60 percent said that teachers provided great guidance.

The study found that teachers who are active and involved in their students’ education are more likely to have students succeed academically, in terms of their grades and their test scores.

“The Nurs’ Day at Home survey was designed to find out how teachers are involved in students lives.

It’s really important for teachers to have a meaningful role in teaching,” said Erika T. Davis, executive director of the ANSA.

“As a profession, we have to make a commitment to making the work of nurses part of our work life.”

The ANSA will be hosting its fourth annual Nurses Day of Educators at The National Nurses Medical Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Monday, November 14.

Register now for the event.

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