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BSN nurse raises $11.7M to hire nurses, aides

BSN, the nation’s largest provider of nursing homes, has agreed to pay $11 million to hire new staff to fill vacancies in its nursing practice.

The $11-million salary increase was announced Thursday in a letter to state lawmakers, the nursing home’s owners and its board of directors.

BSN was a leader in the market for new, qualified nursing staff.

The move to hire more nurses comes after the state Department of Health and Human Services announced last month that it would begin awarding nursing home care contracts in April, which would enable BSN to hire additional nurses.

The department said it is committed to recruiting more nursing staff in order to help reduce the number of nursing home beds and beds that are not being used.

BNSS officials said they expect to spend the new salary on salaries for new nurses, support staff and other staffing needs.

BNNS said in its announcement that the increase is part of a long-term plan to grow the provider’s workforce, including hiring new staff and expanding its facilities.

The company said it expects to hire at least 1,100 new workers this year.

The board of BSN’s nursing home in Springfield, Massachusetts, said in a statement that the pay increase reflects the growing need for nurses and support staff in the state’s nursing homes.

It said that the company has been in discussions with BSN over the last few months to expand its capacity to care for the increasing number of patients coming to the facility.

BNs new staff will include nurses and caregivers, as well as nursing students and nursing faculty, the board said.

BNS will pay $10.3 million to its nursing home board of trustees for the cost of the new staff, the announcement said.

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