Europe 2012 Trip

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Deer Forest

With Mr.Ravidas Korn, Germany

Swiss Davos

Aum Kurzentrum


Our Multi Country Visit to Europe

UK, Wales, Ireland, Scotland-

IAA Branch in UK – On the first day meeting was organized (Hotel Hilton London Metropole) for starting new branch of IAA in UK with Dr. Abhijit Shinde, who is member of IAA. He has developed new short term courses on Ayurveda and is now waiting to get the approval from the Authorities. Once the approval is obtained, the new branch of IAA will be started there and IAA members will get the opportunity to visit London for teaching.

From next day onwards we started our journey from London and went to Stonehenge. In this small city there are pre historic stones weighing more than 10 tones. It is still mystery why these huge stones were built and what is the purpose of the same. Later on we visited Bath city and Salisbury. We stayed at Hilton New Port for rest.

Wales -From there we visited Cardiff castle and went to Pembroke.

South Ireland -From this city we took the cruise to cross the Celtic sea. This took almost 4 and half hours and then we reached Rosslare port of Ireland. This is in Republic of Ireland or EIRE which is within EU. Hence you need Schengen State Visa for this part. Waterford is famous for Crystal Glass factory. They prepare various types of Crystal trophies for different tournaments in the World. From here we went via Kilkenny and Kildare to Dublin.

Dublin – This is the Capital city of South Ireland. We were invited by Mrs. Shradha and Shailesh Raut of Citibank for tea and then excellent Dinner. We enjoyed their hospitality.

We also visited Trinity College here which has over 3,50,000 books from the ancient times of Christanity.

North Ireland -From this city we went to Belfast which is the capital of North Ireland and is within UK territory. Belfast is famous for ship building and the famous Titanic was built here only.

Irish Stud Farms -This region is famous for stud farms because lush green grass is available all over the country. These horses are sent all over the world for racing and for taking part in various Olympic activities. The cost of each horse is only 1.4 million Euros. The cost of stallion can range up to 60 million Euros.

After visiting Londonderry we crossed Atlantic sea to reach North Scotland. This cruise takes 2 hours time.

Scotland -The north part of Scotland called as Highlands is famous for Scotch whisky. Because this region produces the best wood required for maturing whisky. After visiting Glasgow (this is again famous for various Industries like ship and airplanes factories) we went to Edinburg. After visiting this beautiful country we visited York, Nottinghamshire of Robin hood, Stratford upon Avon the birth place of Shakespeare and came back to London. When we were in Scotland the temperature went down to minus one and started snow fall everywhere. After visiting various places in this beautiful region we came back to London.

Chunnel Train –Euro star Journey – London to Paris –Non Stop

This train was started in 1994. Currently Euro star is the fastest train on this route. When we travelled it reached the speed of 275 Km per hour. We took this train from London St. Pancreas Railway station and went to Paris Nord. Euro Star special train covers this distance of 400 Km. in 2 hours and fifteen minutes. (By this train you come to the center of Paris, hence it is said that this is faster travel than taking flight from London to Paris). From UK side this train enters the Chunnel at Ashford and at France side it comes out at Elsie region. This is the longest undersea travel by train in the World.

For this travel 3 tunnels called as Chunnel (as this is under the sea) below 100 meter of the Dover Sea which is between these two countries. The middle channel or tunnel is used for maintenance and the other two are for railway traffic from both sides.