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Bath City Garden

Cardiff Castle Tower

Church in Salisbury

Crystal Chariot

Hotel Europa- Most bombed Hotel in world

Shakespear's Home


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Our Journey (Contd.From Pg 1 )

Chunnel Train –Euro star Journey – London to Paris –Non Stop

This train was started in 1994. Currently Euro star is the fastest train on this route. When we travelled it reached the speed of 275 Km per hour. We took this train from London St. Pancreas Railway station and went to Paris Nord. Euro Star special train covers this distance of 400 Km. in 2 hours and fifteen minutes. (By this train you come to the center of Paris, hence it is said that this is faster travel than taking flight from London to Paris). From UK side this train enters the Chunnel at Ashford and at France side it comes out at Elsie region. This is the longest undersea travel by train in the World.

For this travel 3 tunnels called as Chunnel (as this is under the sea) below 100 meter of the Dover Sea which is between these two countries. The middle channel or tunnel is used for maintenance and the other two are for railway traffic from both sides.

Paris to Germany

For this journey we took 2 fast trains.

TGV - Train à Grande Vitesse, meaning high-speed train, built by French company –SNCF - and attains the maximum speed of 574 km per hour.

ICE –Inter City Express- this is built by Germany.

Our journey was from Paris East to Stuttgart –Karlsruhe –Heilbronn- Ohringen. We covered this journey of 800 km is 6 hours and visited Aum Kur Zentrum which is famous resort of Ayurveda in Germany.

Germany to Davos –Swiss

Train journey from Zurich to Landquart –Kloster’s dorf to Davos is like toy train journey to Matheran. The only difference is this time there was snow 4 feet high everywhere. Davos is 2 nd highest City in Swiss next to St. Galen and is extremely beautiful. Every year in January all financial ministers of the World meet here for 2 days to discuss the future of financial matters.

Swiss to Germany

From Davos we came to Frankfurt via Karlsruhe, Zurich, and Manheim and next day we left Germany to India.


London –New Port 287 Km

New Port – Waterford – 271 Km

Waterford – Dublin – 207 Km

Dublin –Edinburg – 411 Km

Edinburg – York – 344 Km

York –London – 418 km

London -Paris -400 Km

Paris – Aum Kur Zentrum – 304 Km

Aum Kur Zentrum- Davos- 432 Km