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How a nursing home carer changed her career

Nursing homes are increasingly being used to train and employ the highly skilled, skilled nurses who have the skills to help manage an acute and chronic illness.

The new skills have also led to a surge in nursing home employment.

According to a recent report by McKinsey & Company, nearly 10% of US states have a shortage of skilled nurses, up from 5% a decade ago.

The shortage is especially acute in nursing homes, where a shortage is likely to continue.

The National Association of State Colleges and Universities (NASCU) reports that the number of nursing home workers has increased by nearly 25% in the last decade.

The NASCU report found that the average nursing home resident is now employed for an average of nearly 26 hours per week.

The median wage in nursing facilities was $17.52 an hour in 2014, which equates to about $26,800 per year.

However, the median wages in private nursing homes were much lower.

The average hourly wage in private facilities was just $10.40, or $8,500 per year, according to the National Association for Health Care Administration.

There are many reasons why the number and wages of nursing staff in nursing care facilities are increasing, according a recent NASCUs report.

For example, the demand for skilled nursing staff is increasing due to the aging population of nursing homes and the demand is also growing for home health care workers, who can perform tasks such as monitoring patients, providing patient-focused care, and providing social support.

Many of these tasks can be performed by highly trained nurses.


there are also many challenges facing the supply of nurses.

For instance, the nursing home industry is in an economic downturn, which is impacting the salaries of its workers.

And, many nursing home residents are employed for short periods of time, as a result of the aging of their homes.

The demand for nurses is also changing.

Nursing home employees are working more hours, but they are also being paid less.

This means they have less to spend on their health care.

A recent McKinsey report found there is a need for new, more effective and cost-effective ways to train nurses, which could help the supply and demand of nursing workers in the nursing homes.

These efforts will be vital as the shortage of nurses continues to grow.

To better understand how the shortage in nursing staff could affect your nursing home and your health care needs, read our article, How a Nursing home carers changed her life.

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