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How much does a nurse earn in California?

Nurse practitioners in California earn an average of $94,000 per year, according to the California Nurses Association.

They also get the highest pay in the state, which is around $120,000, and the lowest in the country, at $65,000.

But the state also has the highest percentage of nurses employed in the private sector, at 32%.

In 2018, the state had nearly 1,200 nurses working in the public sector, the highest number in the nation.

However, those figures are expected to rise to 2,600 by 2022, according the California State Nurses’ Association.

According to the American Nurses Assn., California is the sixth-highest state in the United States in the number of nurses.

That means it’s home to more than 1.5 million nurses, according its website.

In 2018 there were almost 1.3 million nurses in the entire state.

The state also ranked seventh in the overall number of hours worked per year.

But it ranked 12th in the percentage of working nurses, at 26%.

The number of days a nurse works also varies depending on the city and state.

California ranked eighth in the percent of nurses working less than 20 hours a week in 2018.

In 2019, the average hourly wage for a nurse was $23.31.

But that number dropped to $18.31 in 2020, and $15.81 in 2021, according data from the California Labor Commission.

The American Nursers Assn.

does not have a national tally for the number or percent of RNs employed.

The most recent data for the California Nurse Association, released in September 2018, found the average annual salary of a nurse in the city of Los Angeles was $97,066.

In the city’s Central Valley, it was $89,936.

That puts Los Angeles, home of Silicon Valley, at the top of the list for nursing salaries in the U.S. According the American Association of Nurse Midwives, the median salary for RNs in the Bay Area was $75,931 in 2018, while the median income was $53,876 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

California is home to about 25,000 RNs and more than 10,000 registered nurse midwives.

About 11,000 of them are part-time nurses.

The other 2,000 are full-time RNs.

The RNs who earn a living as nurses are typically the primary caregivers for patients with disabilities.

The organization says it’s working to improve their care.

RNs can get paid more for caring for people with mental health issues, chronic pain and other physical and mental disabilities, according a 2017 report from the organization.

It says RNs need more flexible schedules and less time to care for their patients.

The National Association of State RNs said that, despite its reputation as a “caregiving state,” California is often not a “sustainable place” for RN workers.

In fact, the number and share of RN jobs in the states with higher median wages have declined from the early 1990s to the mid-2000s.

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