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How to find a nursing home near you

The next time you need to take care of a family member, make sure you have a place to stay.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has released a list of nursing homes that are popular destinations for those looking to stay for a while.

Homeowners in the Denver Metro area have been clamoring for a nursing facility for years, and now there are options in the suburbs.

The list is filled with options for families looking to relax with family members, relax with friends or stay with a friend or relative.

Here’s a rundown of some of the places that are available in the area, and how much you’ll save.1.

Home of the Month – The Noreen Hospital at NorenaIn a home with a bed and bathroom, the Noren Hospital is a cozy facility with a lot of comforts.

Guests can relax in their own private room, relax in the lobby, enjoy an outdoor pool or soak up the view.

Guests enjoy a spa with a sauna and steam room, plus a full-service restaurant and bar.2.

Home for the Family – The C.H.F.M.A.S.-Lincoln HouseHome for the family in Lincoln House, home of the C.C.H., has a warm and cozy environment with a wide selection of amenities, including a fitness center, a full bar, indoor and outdoor pools, a fitness room, and a full kitchen.3.

Home in a Home for CaregiversHome in a home for caregivers is located in a quiet neighborhood, near the Colorado Rockies, and is a great place for families and seniors to meet, relax and stay connected.

Home is located on the grounds of the Denver Community College, with a family-friendly community center.4.

Family Friendly Home – Noreana Health Center-EugeneThe Noreena Health Center, home to Norene, a nursing-home, offers a cozy atmosphere, a pool, and an indoor and out-of-home spa.

The hospital has a full dining area, a spa and full kitchen, plus an outdoor fitness center and a gym.5.

Home to the LovedOneHome in the Aurora Heights neighborhood of Aurora Heights, the C-H.W.


Home has a wide array of amenities including a full outdoor fitness area, full bar and outdoor pool, a bar and grill, an outdoor laundry room, a fully equipped dining room and a bar area.6.

Home Away from HomeHome Away from home is located near the University of Colorado, Boulder, and features a community kitchen, full-time spa, full dining room, fitness room and bar area, plus three indoor swimming pools.7.

Home-Based Home – S.A.-E.P.C.-LakewoodThe Lakewood Home for Palliative Care has been a long-standing favorite in Aurora Heights.

Located just a few miles from the University and the Boulder Public Library, the home is a family friendly facility with plenty of comfy comfort.

A large outdoor pool is available, and the facilities include an indoor spa, indoor gym and fitness center.8.

Home Care and Nursing Home of ChoiceHome Care and Nursing Home of Colorado offers a home-based program that includes a fully staffed home care program, full kitchen and dining room with full-size fitness area and a fitness pool.9.

Family Home-based Home – The E.J. Pyle Care CenterThe E. J. Pylons care home, located just a couple of miles from Boulder, offers an affordable home-style program.

There are also two other facilities available: an outdoor gym and a wellness center.10.

Home Based Care-basedHome Based Care offers an in-home care program with a full range of facilities.

The family-style facility includes a fitness area for children, full bath and shower facilities and a fully stocked kitchen with oven, microwave and refrigerator.11.

Homeaway for Kids – The Greenbrier Health CenterCommunity-based home-oriented program is a safe place to be for children and families.

The program is located a few minutes from a popular shopping and dining destination.12.

Family-Friendly Home – Westchester Hospital-Westchester Community HospitalThe Westchester Health Center offers a variety of family-oriented programs, including home-cooked meals, full daycare, full library, and daycare and summer camps.13.

Home and Family Family-BasedHome-based care programs offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of families and families, including daycare for children; family-driven services; and in-person care and counseling.14.

Homefor Families with ChildrenHome-for-family programs offer families and family caregivers a unique home-care environment that combines the best of both worlds.

The Westchester Care Center is an inpatient facility, which means the care team has access to the children and parents.15.

Home on the RangeHome for Families on

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