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How to make sure you get the best mental health care for your baby

The mother of a newborn has revealed how she struggled to get her first-born to cope with the pressures of life at home.

The mother of Akshay Kumar said she struggled with her decision to take him to the hospital in the first place because she was not comfortable sharing him with his family.

Akshay, who is one of India’s fastest growing families, has been caring for his newborn son at home since September, having been forced to leave his younger brother and father in India last year.

“When I saw him in the hospital, I was very worried because I had not seen him in a week and a half,” said Akshaya.

“I was very apprehensive, I wanted to leave him there alone.”

The mother, who has two other children, said she was desperate to share her new baby with her family.

“We thought it was going to be a nightmare.

It was just not possible.”

The family has been supportive but we are still struggling,” she added.

A series of stressors, including the loss of her husband, prompted her to leave the baby with his father.”

It was a big shock for me, I knew I wanted him to stay with me, but I just couldn’t,” said the mother, adding she is now spending most of her time with her new child.

Akhay, a 27-year-old software engineer, said he had struggled to cope because he does not speak English, and had to learn new ways to cope.”

Even when we go out for walks, it was difficult.

He has a hard time with the noise.

It is just too noisy for him,” she said.

Ajit Kumar, a 28-year old nurse practitioner, said her daughter has become a “psychiatric” nurse practitioner because she is not used to dealing with the stresses of life.”

She’s not comfortable at home because she does not like to share, she’s not used the stress and tension of the house, so I’ve brought her home,” she told NDTV.”

If you ask me, this is her baby.

She’s not going to grow up to be an alcoholic, a criminal, a serial killer or a terrorist.

She just wants to be happy.

“Akshaya said she is still worried about what will happen to her new family when she returns to India.”

They (the hospital) told me that my husband is going to have to come back from abroad and they will take care of him, but then I realised that that’s not possible because they don’t know where he is going,” she explained.

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