Message to World

Message for Practitioners
Practice Ayurveda ethically and methodically and maintain good patient –Doctor Relationship. Treat patients by both the methods of Ayurveda and Yoga so that they can be healed quickly. Remove their sufferings. As gratitude to the society always take part in some social activities that will be beneficial to people at large. Become Ambassadors of Ayurveda for the entire World.

Message for the Students
Always maintain good academic career with highest of moral standards. Be proud that you are Indian. Learn both Ayurveda and Yoga and practice them in your individual life. Avoid all habit forming substances and follow Ayurvedic rules and regulations in your life, so that you can show other people the benefits of the same.
Learn at least one foreign language preferably Spanish or other European language. Take part in social activities and sports also.

Message for Ayurvedic Teachers
Learn and practice Ayurveda, so that your students will follow your footsteps. While teaching maintain good academic career and learn other healing sciences also.