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Nurse Halloween Costume Party Gets a Bigger Boost from Nurse’s Day

Nurses and caretakers are having fun with the nurse costume, which is getting more popular in hospitals as the holiday gets closer.

In recent weeks, nurses have been dressing up for their annual nursing party at hospitals and nursing homes, with some nurses dressing up as Nurse Hallows and others dressed as Dr. Seuss.

Some nurses are also dressing up to pose for photos with patients in the hospital waiting room, with the photo opportunity being shared on social media.

One nurse posted a photo of herself posing with a patient wearing a nurse’s hat and a wig in the waiting room.

“This is a perfect way to get to know patients and get to meet the nurses, to see what they look like and what their personalities are,” said Dr. Kristi Kuehl, a nurse and director of nursing services at the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Kuehl said nursing homes are starting to use the Halloween costume to welcome their new nurses and help them connect with their patients and community.

“We know nurses are really hard to get into the hospital system and have no idea what we’re going to go through during our first year in nursing,” Kuehlsaid.

“So it’s a great way to help us understand how they’re feeling, what they want from their nurses and how to help them stay in good health.”

In the meantime, nurses at Kaiser are keeping the party fun.

They are wearing their Halloween costumes and inviting patients and staff to dress up.

“The nurses have the fun,” said Kaiser’s director of clinical affairs, Susan Leavitt.

“They’re the nurses and the nurses are the nurses.”

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