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Nurses, patients: No more wait for critical care

Nurses and patients have been left in the lurch as the new $3.6-billion Royal Commission into Accident and Emergency Services (RCES) report finds that the health system is not prepared to handle the growing numbers of patients requiring critical care and is “trying to put the brakes on it”.

The report released on Wednesday said that more than 1.5 million new cases of coronavirus had been reported in NSW in the past 12 months and the number of new cases has risen to over 3,000 per week, compared with 3,500 per week in the year to March.

It said there was a clear and urgent need for an urgent and comprehensive review of the health and safety of the entire health system.

The report also said that the coronaviruses, which can spread rapidly in hospitals, have caused the number and severity of respiratory and circulatory diseases in NSW to rise by more than 40 per cent.

Its author, Professor Andrew Gillard, said the government’s failure to tackle the coronave was causing a significant strain on public services and on the public finances.

“This is the first time in many years that the government has been able to get the government of NSW to actually act on a plan that would allow it to have the financial stability and the capacity to respond to the coronaves,” he said.

He said the coronovirus pandemic had put pressure on the state’s hospitals and it was important to be prepared for any unexpected events.

The state Government will spend up to $500 million over the next two years to hire more staff to cope with the coronasions and support the emergency response, Professor Gillard said.

The coronaviral crisis is affecting the health of the people of NSW, and the Government needs to make sure we have the capacity and capacity to manage it, he said in an interview with The ABC.

Professor Gillard called for the Government to consider the need for a public-private partnership to manage the coronavia crisis.

The Government has announced it will spend $4.4 billion to build a new hospital, and is also set to spend $400 million on a national coronaviro-response system, which would be staffed by paramedics, nurses and doctors.

The new Government will also establish a coronavirential surveillance and testing centre, which will include staff from the National Capital Region and the NSW Department of Health, as well as the coronae research unit at the Australian National University.

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