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Reddit nursing meme: “The school of nursing is a joke!”

A meme that appeared to mock a nursing school that’s popular with the internet went viral last week, and many students were quick to point out the school’s similarities to a school of business, but it’s now taken down.

Reddit users were quick with their criticisms of the school, including a post by one Redditor that called it a “joke.”

“It’s funny because it is a school for nursing students, but the main purpose is to teach people how to sell drugs and be profitable in the hospital,” Redditor mr.michael told the Huffington Post.

“It’s so dumb.

It’s a parody of the entire industry.”

A spokesperson for the nursing school told HuffPost that the school is “trying to educate the community about the benefits of our program,” and the school has no plans to remove the meme.

But the post did not go unnoticed by Redditors who pointed out the similarity to a real school in the United States.

The school is called The School of Nursing at the University of Iowa, according to a list of online references to the school.

It was founded in 1852 by Charles Francis Davenport, who was born in Iowa.

The college of medicine and nursing is also called The College of Nursing in The College City, according a search on Google.

The nursing school in The School has a reputation for being a prestigious institution, according the list of references.

“The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Indiana, also known as the College of Medicine, is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, about 30 miles (50 kilometers) northeast of downtown Indianapolis,” according to the list.

The University of Michigan, which also has a nursing program, also has its own school on the list, according.

The list of websites that have links to The College School of Medicine at the United State University also includes the website for The College University, a website for the University College of London, a listing for The University of Southern California and a listing from The University College London School of Art and Design.

The College College of International Management also has an address at The College in Los Angeles.

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