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School nurse salary in Australia: $919,849

Australia’s National Health Service (NHS) pays an average of $959,847 per year to its nurses.

However, the average salary for an RN in Australia is a whopping $9,019 per year, which is $13,547 per week.

The average salary of an RN is almost double that of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) of $3,823 per week, according to salary comparison site

Read more about Australia’s Nursing Salary:What is a Nurse Salary?

A nurse’s salary is an estimate of what they earn, based on experience and qualifications.

The nurse’s pay rises by an average amount based on their qualifications.

For example, a RN earning $40,000 will receive a pay rise of $6,500.

This is because the RNs salary will be based on the experience of the work they do, not the position they are in.

The median salary for a nurse is around $40 per week (in Australian dollars) for a general RN, $45 per week for a registered nurse, $50 per week and $60 per week respectively for a skilled nurse, nurse assistant and assistant midwife.

The median salary of a skilled RN, registered nurse and assistant Midwife is $66 per week; $54 per week more than a general nurse.

The pay rise for a RN will also depend on the number of years they have worked at the job.RNs are generally paid a base salary of $41,500 per annum, with the increase for each additional year worked.

This increases to $50,000 per annums for a doctor of surgery and $65,000 for a master nursing officer.RN pay can also increase based on factors such as experience, performance, qualifications, and location.

For instance, if you work at a school, your salary can increase by up to $15,000.

You may also earn additional pay if you are a student, and your work experience could also be valued.

If you are working in a rural area, your pay will likely decrease by up a further $15 per week if you live in a remote area.

What are the RN Salary Benefits?

Nurses are expected to deliver value to the Australian community.

For example, nurses in a public hospital can expect to earn between $3500 and $6000 per annus, depending on their level of experience.

For a GP, the pay may be even higher, with RNs earning between $10,000 and $20,000 each year.

The Australian Medical Council (AMA), the body that sets pay and working conditions in Australia, recommends that nurses be paid a median annual salary of around $50K (in the UK, that is £45,000).

The AMA also recommends that RNs and GP’s work as a team to make their work more efficient and rewarding.

The pay rises for nurses depend on their age, experience, qualifications and location in the community.

In Australia, a nurse’s wages rise by about $5,000 a year for each year of experience gained.

For a general practitioner, a doctor earning $200,000 could expect to receive a $10K increase in pay annually, while a nurse earning $100,000 can expect an average salary increase of $11,000 annually.

The AMA says that RN salaries should increase at an average rate of 0.6% annually.

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