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Nurse>nursing>nursing Home About What does this mean for nurses and nursing home workers?

What does this mean for nurses and nursing home workers?

Posted July 06, 2018 08:08:04The number of nursing home deaths has more than doubled over the past three years, to nearly 6,500, according to the latest CDC data.

But the deaths of workers at nursing homes are up in 2016, according the latest data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

And those numbers are a fraction of what happened in hospitals.

The rise of the nursing home is a huge problem, and it’s not a new problem, according in part to the people we spoke with.

They were concerned about safety, about health care costs, and about the impact of the new nursing home system, according Toilets and Ears , a nonprofit group that works to protect workers from unsafe work conditions.

The nursing home industry is booming in the last three years.

It’s also growing rapidly, with more than half of all nursing homes now offering nursing home care, according TOILETS and EARS .

And while the number of deaths from work-related injuries has dropped, it’s still up in the hospital and nursing homes, where it has soared.

That’s because of a variety of factors.

Hospitals have been putting more and more workers in intensive care units, and nursing workers are more likely to be hospitalized than in the past, according In a nursing home, the most common place a nursing worker would be put is in the emergency room, where they can stay overnight, according ABC News.

The new nursing homes also offer better working conditions, with higher salaries, better benefits and better facilities, according The New York Times.

And the industry is getting more attention in the news because of the rise in the number and severity of coronavirus cases.

The industry has also become a major source of income for nursing homes.

The number of home stays for nurses has nearly doubled over recent years, according data from The American Nursing Association, which tracks the nursing industry.

Nursing home care is a $1.3 trillion industry that employs more than 40 million people.

And while a lot of the work in the industry has changed over the years, many people are still making a living from their work, according CBS News.

The new nursing care system has helped drive a lot more money into the industry.

But it also created new problems, including a shortage of workers.

In nursing homes and other facilities where workers are not only required to be on the job, but also have full medical care, they are at greater risk of being exposed to the virus, according NBC News.

That means they can die more quickly, and they have less protection from exposure.

The latest data show that a nursing facility is more likely than any other facility to have workers infected with the coronaviruses.

The CDC reported that 1,000 nursing home facilities were reported to have coronaviral infections in 2016.

The numbers are likely to continue to rise.

Nursing home care costs are rising and more of the workers are being put in nursing homes to provide care.

And a number of facilities are now testing and certifying workers for coronavirence.

The CDC said coronavirosts were not the only problem facing the nursing homes they surveyed.

Some workers are living in a nursing residence with other people who have been exposed to coronavarials, and others are not being tested for coronvirus.

There are also signs that some workers are getting infected from other workers.

The agency said it has noticed that nursing home employees in states with more coronaviris are reporting that they were exposed to them at work.

The problem is, these workers are very rarely tested for other viruses, so their coronavivirus infections could be spreading, and the nurses could have gotten sick as well.

There is also a growing demand for workers in the nursing houses.

The nursing home community is expanding rapidly, and that’s causing the shortage of people in nursing home nursing homes is also growing.

The number, if any, of people staying in nursing facilities for longer than six weeks a year has tripled since 2010, according NPR’s Jillian Kay Melchior.

And she said many people in these facilities are still not being properly tested for the virus.

The New York City Health Department has said that more than 3,000 deaths have occurred from coronavirosis since 2010.

And more than 400 nursing homes have reported cases.

But there are signs that the coronvirence is changing.

Last year, a nurse who had been working in a state where coronavides were widespread started to complain that she was getting sick, and she filed a complaint with the agency.

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