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Which nursing students are doing the best job?

PointsClickCare Login Nursing students are getting more attention and recognition as the number of new nursing students entering nursing grows.

The number of registered nurses enrolled in nursing increased by 20 per cent in 2018, the latest figures released by the National Nursing and Midwifery Council (NNMC).

Nursing students are also getting the recognition they deserve from their peers.

According to the NMC, nursing students in NSW now make up 12 per cent of the total student population.

In the last decade, the number has increased by 33 per cent and the proportion of students enrolled in the field of nursing has increased from 3 per cent to 7 per cent.

The figures were released by NSW NMC President, Dr Lisa Glynn.

Dr Glynn said that the recent increase in students entering the field was due to the “tremendous demand”.

She said it was also driven by a number of factors, including:Students coming into the field as part of the current student population, as well as those who were already in nursing at a young age.

Dr Gill said it had been a good year for nursing students and the sector in general.

The NMC is looking to work with other organisations to promote nursing in schools.

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