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Why are ICU nurses working overtime?

ICU nurse Sandra Smith, 63, has worked for 24 years at the University of Iowa Hospitals in Iowa City.

She is the first nurse in Iowa to hold that position.

Smith, who is married and has three daughters, is also the nurse who helped the first two Iowa City patients with an infection get better.

The third patient had a more serious complication and Smith was on call at the hospital during that recovery.

The first patient in Iowa was an older woman who needed surgery for her cancer.

Smith helped her get the surgery and then the nurses gave her a warm embrace while she was in the hospital.

Smith said the patient was “pretty upset, but also very supportive.”

The second patient in the case was a young woman who had her lungs damaged and needed a ventilator.

She got a good CT scan and Smith saw that the patient had pneumonia.

Smith had to work hard to make sure the ventilators were on.

“It was a difficult decision to give her a vent, but I’m grateful for her and grateful for the work I do for her,” Smith said.

When she started working at the ICU in 2006, she was an administrative nurse and she got to see some of the patients first-hand.

Smith is the only one who worked in the ICUs during the Ebola pandemic.

It was during the pandemic that Smith and other nurses from the nursing homes and the ICMU joined the nurses on their first day in Iowa.

Smith said she is grateful for what she has done and what she and her family have experienced.

Her family is trying to find the right way to share her story, she said.

Smith said that while she is excited to work in the NICU, she has to be careful.

She is concerned about the safety of the nurses.

For some, the hospital is a place of hope and hope that things will be better, Smith said, but for others, they are struggling to find a way to stay positive.

A new job in the state has opened up a career path for Smith.

She said that she is hoping to continue working in nursing and is hoping that she will get the position in the new nursing home.

If you would like to support Sandra Smith and support her family, please donate to the IAHHS Ebola Response Fund:

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