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Why is there a shortage of nurses in India?

It’s not a big mystery, and the answer lies in a simple yet baffling formula.

The nation has more nurses than it can reasonably use, with the national healthcare system already struggling to provide adequate care for the millions of people who require care every day.

That is not the only problem, however.

India’s health system is riddled with inefficient, poorly designed and poorly run hospitals.

Hospitals lack the technology and manpower to effectively provide the high quality of care that patients require.

The country’s healthcare infrastructure has become so overburdened and overworked that many people have turned to self-employed private providers to provide their healthcare needs.

According to a 2016 report by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), India is the only developed nation where more people live in poverty than in developed nations.

While India is ranked number four on the OECD’s list of the most vulnerable countries, its total GDP is estimated at just $15.4 trillion, making it the fourth poorest country on earth.

India has also seen a rapid rise in infant mortality rates in recent years.

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the number of premature births in India doubled from 2000 to 2020.

The country has also been one of the world’s most unequal countries.

It ranks No. 6 on the U.N. Human Development Index, with an average per capita income of $2,567.

But this is mostly due to the fact that the government has not implemented income redistribution programs that would benefit the majority of Indians.

In 2016, the government of India made the drastic decision to cut the number and size of government jobs, forcing most of its citizens to take on more administrative and administrative-related jobs in order to get by.

In the process, it has left a gaping hole in the health care system that will only worsen.

The Indian government has struggled to fill gaps in the healthcare system for decades.

The government had a plan in place for the 1980s to expand the healthcare infrastructure to provide better healthcare to more people.

But the plan was never implemented due to political opposition from some quarters, particularly the Congress Party.

The government’s latest plan, however, is to turn the healthcare sector into a social service, which would include a large number of health care workers.

In a bid to fill the gap, the plan includes a massive social insurance program.

According the government, the healthcare industry in India is worth $20 billion, with nearly 30,000 health sector firms.

The companies in the industry would be required to pay a basic healthcare fee of 10 percent of their gross income, a 10 percent increase from the current rate.

The fee is set to rise to 12 percent in 2020, and a 13 percent increase in 2021.

The fee would be charged at the same time that healthcare companies would also be required under the government plan to pay workers a minimum wage of 15,000 rupees ($1,731) a month, a figure that could be even higher.

Under the government’s plan, workers would also get a government-paid health insurance, which will cover their entire health costs, and could be used to pay for basic healthcare and healthcare related expenses.

In exchange, the workers would be provided with access to government health care and medical services.

However, the plans promises to make healthcare workers more dependent on government.

For example, the proposed plan will force health workers to work at hospitals without medical supervision, which could result in a significant increase in deaths in hospitals.

Accordingly, in addition to the proposed fees, workers in the sector will also be forced to pay an additional 10 percent income tax, as well as a 6 percent tax on assets worth more than 500,000 dollars.

The workers would have to pay back the tax within a year.

According the government estimates, this would cost the health sector about $10 billion a year, with a portion of that going to fund health workers and other healthcare workers.

The health sector is expected to lose money from the fees.

But since the government is counting on the fees to cover the cost of healthcare, the fees will make up for the cost.

According, the Indian government estimates that the healthcare cost would increase by more than $4 billion a day in 2020 and by $3 billion a week in 2021, due to an increase in the number patients.

According To CNN India, the health insurance fees will be implemented by March 2020, with employers required to offer a health insurance policy that covers employees and the workers, with no extra charge for the workers.

The healthcare insurance is expected cost the Indian healthcare sector at least $6 billion a month.

India could become one of several nations where people are required to take out healthcare insurance to pay their healthcare bills.

But according to India’s own healthcare regulator, the country’s national health insurance scheme is not adequate to cover its healthcare needs, with over one-third of the population suffering from a chronic illness or disability.

According a study by the International Labour Organization (ILO), there are

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